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The brick driveway is a popular choice in home construction when homeowners are looking for an elegant way to welcome guests. Brick pavers benefit homeowners in many ways, including durability, low cost, and wide variety of color.

The brick's appearance displays a sense of timelessness that is achieved through the use of colors derived from natural elements in brick production. Mortar can be made by using different formulations to produce either grey or brown brick depending on the area's prevalent rocks. Natural elements like iron oxide contribute to brick's red hue; copper oxide gives brick its green or blue patina; while titanium dioxide turns brick white.

Outdoor pavers for your driveway

While it may seem like common practice, homeowner should always check with city ordinances before paving their brick driveway. Some cities enforce strict regulations regarding brick pavers that don't allow brick with setts or other brick styles to give homeowners an alternative to brick.

Driveway pavers vs asphalt

What About Brick vs. Asphalt?

Asphalt is the most popular choice in residential driveways, but brick is quickly gaining favor due to some key benefits.  Brick has a low cost of installation and can stand up to heavy foot traffic better than asphalt because it isn't prone to rutting or cracking.  Brick looks good without much upkeep unlike asphalt which requires sealing every couple years despite how many coatings are applied for extra protection against UV rays, oxidation, salt air, oil spills, etc. High traffic areas are especially vulnerable on asphalt driveways.

Brick pavers also come with environmental benefits over asphalt. For one, brick pavers don't release toxins into the air and water like asphalt does when it's heated during installation or repair. Brick is made from clay-based materials which are mostly sourced within 150 miles of the paving site, while asphalt must be brought in from oil refineries, most of which are located far away from residential areas.

Overall, brick pavers provide a beautiful driveway option that is environmentally friendly, low in cost, and durable. Contact Tampa Brick Paving Pros to get started on your new brick driveway today!

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