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Welcome to Tampa Brick Paving Pros

Patio Paver Installation in Tampa Bay Outdoor Pavers

Welcome to the website of Tampa Brick Paving Pros! We are the Tampa Bay area's go-to contractor for the installation of brick paver driveways, pool decks, patios, retaining walls, entrance paths, and any other foot- or vehicular-traffic surface used in and around homes and businesses.

​With decades of combined experience, cutting-edge equipment and the skillset to ensure every project is completed successfully, we will make sure you are not only satisfied with your decision to hire us, but that you shout our name from the rooftops.

Get in touch with us today for more information or to schedule your free in-home estimate! 

Our Outdoor Pavers Services

Welcome to Tampa Brick Paving Pros! We are a brick paving company serving the Tampa Bay area. We specialize in brick pavers, driveways, pool decks and patios. We have over 50 years of combined experience and boast a 96% approval rating from references we've provided upon request.

For more information about our brick paver installation process, contact us today. If you're looking for other ways to spruce up your property with brick pavers, consider brick walkways, walls, fire pits or other services. Also be sure to give us a call if you want an estimate on having your driveway paved or your pool deck repaired!

Select from one of the services below to learn more about what we can do for you or your business.

Herringbone paver driveway


Create a functional and beautiful parking space

Paver pool deck with coping

Pool Decks

Set up your stunning outdoor oasis

Paver patio


Install a warm & cozy relaxing area

Retaining walls

Retaining Walls

Structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing

Fire pit at night with a view

Fire Pits

Get those marshmallows ready!

Sealed red brick pavers

Paver Sealing

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Driveway Installations


Pool Deck Installations


Patios, Walkways & Other Projects

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Tampa's Specialists in Brick Pavers

Paver driveway

Patio paver installation

Tampa Brick Paving Pros is one of the most reputable brick paving contractors in the central Florida area. Whether you're looking to install a new patio, pool deck or driveway or lay new paving stones over an existing space, we have the equipment, know-how and human resources to bring your vision to life. Our services are of the highest quality and are backed by our standard warranty.

Your "paver contractor near me"

Brick pavers add such a classic, unique and memorable touch to any patio or hardscape installation. However, choosing brick pavers can be a very intimidating process if you are unfamiliar with the relevant standards or what should be expected of brick pavers in Florida. Brick pavers are differentiated based on three factors: size, color and texture.

When it comes to brick paving for sidewalks and driveways, there is no standard dimension of brick paving stones across all brick suppliers and manufacturers. For instance, some companies might offer 17.75" bricks, while others only offer sizes in the range of around 9 inches. Because of this difference in sizing, it's good to check with your contractor on the specific sizes that may be available so you won't encounter issues down the road.

Paver colors

In terms of colors, most brick pavers come in a range of tones, typically reds, browns, grays or other earth tones. The supplier should always offer brick paving samples to help you decide which type would best fit your taste and style. Also make sure the brick paving contractor gives you information on what kind of brick can be expected to survive well in the Florida weather, since brick pavers that are not made to withstand hot climates might look good but they wouldn't last long.


We won't rest until your hardscape vision is brought to life. Your satisfaction is our validation, and is what drives our business.

What should I consider when hiring a brick pavers contractor?

Brick pavers are a type of paving stone that is made from a clay or cementitious brick. They are typically used for paving roads, driveways, and sidewalks, are available in a variety of colors and styles, and can be customized to fit the specific needs of a project.

Brick outdoor pavers are manufactured from a clay-based material that is shaped and fired in a kiln at high temperatures, causing it to harden and become durable. Brick pavers are typically manufactured in factories or purpose-built workshops, although they can also be made onsite using brick salvaged from demolished buildings or other sources.

Paver pool deck

Brick pavers offer a number of benefits over other types of pavers. They are durable and weather-resistant and can withstand heavy traffic. In addition to their structural properties, brick pavers offer an aesthetic that can enhance the appearance of any property. Brick pavers are available in a variety of colors and styles, so they can be customized to match the specific needs of a project.

If you are looking for a quality brick paver contractor in Tampa, FL, contact Tampa Brick Paving Pros today at (813) 906-1033. We offer a wide range of outdoor paving services, and we can help you choose the right pavers for your project. We also offer free estimates, so don't hesitate to contact us today! If you're looking for a concrete pavers contractor in Bentonville, AR, look no further than Bentonville Masonry. Or, for concrete contractors in Palo Alto, CA, contact our friends at Palo Alto Pavers.​

Why add outdoor pavers to my home?

Brick paver hardscapes are becoming an increasingly popular form of improving a home or business. And with the supply of brick paving materials increasing to match the rising demand for outdoor pavers, it has become easier and more affordable than ever to achieve that dream outdoor living space you've always wanted.

Attractive brick paver patio with grill

Adding a patio paver hardscape to your home can provide a number of benefits, including:

Increased curb appeal with outstanding aesthetics

A well-designed brick paver driveway or patio can add instant beauty and value to your space. Brick pavers come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect look for your home. They also have a natural, rustic feel that adds to their appeal. With brick pavers, you really can have it all – beauty, functionality, and durability.

Improved functionality and versatility

Brick pavers are durable and versatile, making them perfect for a variety of applications, from driveways and walkways to patios and pool decks. This versatility makes brick pavers a great choice for any outdoor space.

Low maintenance

Once installed, outdoor pavers require very little upkeep, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run. Having remarkably low maintenance, brick pavers typically only need to be swept on occasion in order to remove dirt and debris. It is beneficial for brick hardscapes to be pressure washed or power scrubbed once a year with soapy water to eliminate mold and grime buildup.

There are also additional services on the market such as paver sealing, which can add a significant amount of protection, durability and shine to your pavers that will last for years. For paver sealing services we highly recommend our partners Expert Paver Sealers of Tampa.

Add value to your home

Brick pavers are an investment that can significantly increase the value of your home. Curb appeal is incredibly important when it comes to selling a home, and a paved driveway or rear hardscape is one of the most effective ways to improve it, with brick paver driveways and patios often seen as a sign of luxury and high-end living.

If you're considering adding a brick paver hardscape to your home, be sure to contact Tampa Brick Paving Pros. We are experts in the installation of brick pavers and are happy to answer any questions you have along the way. We would also be happy to discuss your options and give you a free estimate at your convenience. You won't be disappointed

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Living in Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida is a city that has been growing rapidly in recent years. Its economy is booming thanks to its abundant job opportunities and a relatively low cost of living compared to the national average. Below are a few reasons why you might want to make the move and live in Tampa.


The Tampa Bay area boasts some of the best jobs in the country, with sectors such as healthcare, technology, financial services, government contracting, and retail all thriving. Major corporations currently headquartered in Tampa include: 

Fisher Investments, Cisco, General Dynamics, HDR, IBM, EPAM Systems, Novetta, Procore Technologies, Gartner, Bloomin' Brands, and more.

As a result, Tampa has seen a massive influx of highly talented professionals in recent years, which in turn has helped foster a service sector that rivals any city in the nation. And although house prices have seen a sharp increase since the pandemic, Tampa still remains largely affordable compared to similar cities in New York or California.


Tampa Bay's weather is perfect for year-round living. While summers are hot and humid, with frequent rain and thunderstorms, the fall and winter is particularly beautiful, offering abundant sunshine and comfortable temperatures. This is one of the main reasons for the seasonal migration of 'snow birds' - residents from northern US states who travel to the area to spend the winter and return once spring comes around.


The city has an abundance of cultural attractions (both traditional and contemporary), making it a hub for art lovers. Tampa Bay is home to some of the best community amenities in the country. From vibrant neighborhoods like Midtown and Ybor City, to world-renowned cultural institutions such as the Museum of Fine Arts and the Lowry Park Zoo, residents have plenty to do without leaving their homes. The area also boasts multiple elite sports teams across many disciplines, including football (the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, South Florida Bulls), hockey (Tampa Bay Lightning), baseball (Tampa Bay Rays), and more.

Family living

The city is a great place to raise a family – both its schools and infrastructure are top notch. The bay area and its surroundings offer many forms of diverse family entertainment and natural attractions, including the world-renowned Busch Gardens theme park and Clearwater Beach, as well as state parks and natural springs all within a short drive.


Tampa Bay offers myriad places to eat, from casual dining to high end restaurants such as Eddie V's. Or, if dining out isn't your thing, there are many nightlife options available if you're looking for something more exciting than sitting at home watching Netflix...or sleeping!

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